Goals and Tasks

The Georg-August Universität Göttingen publication server GoeScholar offers, as an institutional repository, all members of the Göttingen University the organisational and technical framework for the parallel publication of refereed research publications.

Its goals are to provide the complementary publication of scientific documents adhering to recognized quality standards in the internet for research and teaching, to enable free access to these documents, to strive towards long-term archiving, and to guarantee permanent discovery and citation of documents. Over and beyond this the offering supports worldwide communication in the research community and promotes free access to scientific information by means of Open Access.

GoeScholar is a part of the GOEDOC publication server (currently in development) which in the long term will expand into a showcase for research at the Göttingen University by centralizing scientific publications currently scattered across divisional servers and enriching these with metadata. The maintenance and further development of the publication server are tied in with national and international initiatives and projects such as the “Open Access Infrastructure for European Research” (DRIVER), the “Open Archives Initiative” (OAI), the “Dublin Core Metadata Initiative”, the German initiative for Network Information (DINI) and NESTOR.

Collection Mission and Document Types

The collection mission of the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen) for the GoeScholar Publication Server includes providing freely accessible versions of research publications which were prepared or published by the Göttingen University, its institutions and employees. The goal is to provide access to publications which have already undergone an assessment process (e. g. peer review) by their respective disciplines as a means to ensure their quality. The collection mission is undertaken by SUB Göttingen staff who (as necessary) check if a given journal is listed on the web pages of its publisher or in highly regarded databases such as the Web of Science. In addition, all members of the University community have their own account which they can use to independently upload their publications.

These include, for example:

  • Monographs (complete or partial)
  • Collections (complete or partial)
  • Newspaper articles
  • Contributions to collected papers

In individual, justified cases (for example, in conjunction with an on going review process) it is possible to limit the access and distribution of selected electronic documents and collections – for example to on-campus use or to a defined list of users – or else limit them to a defined period of time.

The Electronic Document

In the context of this publication, “electronic document” refers to a document which is generally made up of text and graphics, has been stored in digital form on a storage medium and is distributed over a computer network. The publication of multimedia documents which contain audio and video sequences is also possible. In the future, the goal is to improve support for complex publications.

An electronic document made available via the publication server meets the following prerequisites:

  • It is intended for public dissemination
  • It does not include dynamic content. If changes are necessary, the modified electronic document will be saved as a new version.

Persons with Publishing Rights

Researchers at the Göttingen University may transfer documents in suitable formats to the archive or request that the SUB Göttingen upload the documents on their behalf. Over and beyond this the SUB Göttingen will store document files on behalf of Göttingen researchers provided they can provide proof of the necessary rights granted by their publisher.

Metadata Standards

National and internationally defined standards such as the “Dublin Core Metadata Standard” and the guidelines of the “Open Archives Initiative” are employed to formally characterize and describe the contents of electronic documents. A combination of freely selectable as well as defined subject vocabularies are provided by the persons archiving the documents as well as the SUB Göttingen. In addition, documents are classified according to the “Dewey Decimal Classification” (DDC Deutsch) by a specialist working group at the library.

Deleting Documents

In exceptional, justified cases, for example when legitimate legal obstacles are raised by a rights holder, it is possible to remove documents from the publication server. The process will be documented. In addition, an information page with the notice, “This document was withdrawn” will be created and shown via the withdrawn document’s permanent URL address. The metadata associated with the document will be deleted and thus no longer made available via the OIA-interface.

Legal Framework

Making a publication available via GoeScholar does not stand in the way of publishing the same documents in academic journals, monographs or on other servers. Following the recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities, all researchers at the Göttingen University are strongly encouraged to secure additional publication rights at the conclusion of their negotiations with their publisher and to make the documents they have authored (if necessary, at the conclusion of an embargo period) freely accessible on the Göttingen publication server. The rights owner must ensure that the provider is promptly informed of all cases of legal uncertainty or of the actual or potential legal obstacles triggered by the infringement of a third party’s rights.


Administrative Policies

he publication server is maintained by the SUB Göttingen as the institutional repository of the Göttingen University. Provisioning documents is only possible and free for members of the university community. Uploading electronic documents which need to be stored and published on the publication server takes place via password protected login by authorized users or by staff of the SUB Göttingen via the publication module integrated in the repository, i.e. via importing the data. Entering metadata is aided in part by using metadata from the Göttingen University’s research database FACTScience and via an automatic upload mechanism based on an unique identifier such as a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or a PUBMED identifier. Additional workflow steps required to publish the document such as preparing the electronic document or converting it into different formats are carried out or supervised by SUB Göttingen staff members. If considerable extra work is necessary to accomplish this, the SUB Göttingen will charge the author for these tasks. Metadata and full-texts which are made available as part of (joint-) agreements with publishers are also prepared for import and uploaded to GoeScholar by the SUB Göttingen.

Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen Elektronisches Publizieren Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1 Telefon: +49 551 / 39-91188 Email: oa@sub.uni-goettingen.de


The documents on GoeScholar can be used under the following condition, if not otherwise stated on the publicaton page.

Default Terms of Use for publications on GoeScholar

Users of GoeScholar are entitled, within the limits permitted by copyright law, to make use of documents at no cost; in particular, to download documents for private and other personal use, to save these and print them in small quantities (§ 53 UrhG).

Göttingen, March 2009


Publishing your work on GoeScholar requires your agreement to the following assignment of rights. You will be asked to the agreement in the last step of the submission workflow.

I hereby authorize the Göttingen University, represented by the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB Göttingen), to publish my work according to the terms of contract mentioned below and to offer it for free use on the Internet.
  1. Assignment of Rights
    The rights owner grants the Göttingen University the permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to make publically accessible the document and to archive it on the document server of the Göttingen University. All copyright protections will continue to remain in force on account of this license. The act of uploading a document does not constitute a legally binding right to publication or archiving.
  2. Third-party Rights
    The rights owner declares that on publication of his document as well as its components (for example, illustrations) the rights of third parties (e. g. co-authors, publishers, collecting societies, funding agencies) will not be infringed. The University has the right to deny access to my publication if sufficient evidence exist of the potential infringement of third party rights.
  3. Long term archiving and transformation into other formats
    In conjunction with the provisions of Article 1, the rights owner grants the Göttingen University the right to store the document in its long term archive and to convert it into other electronic and physical formats if necessary (for example, for migration purposes, indexing or to improve its accessibility).
  4. Transfer of Metadata and Documents
    In conjunction with the provisions of Article 1, the rights owner grants the Göttingen University the right to make the document’s metadata available free of charge to other databases. In addition, the rights owner grants the Göttingen University the right, in the context of national or special subject collections mandates, to supply third parties with the document for archival purposes or to make it available publically.
Göttingen, March 2009

Organisatorische Regelungen

Der Publikationenserver wird als institutionelles Repositorium der Universität Göttingen von der SUB Göttingen betrieben. Die elektronische Bereitstellung ist nur für Angehörige der Universität möglich und kostenfrei. Die Übertragung elektronischer Dokumente, die auf dem Publikationenserver gespeichert und publiziert werden sollen, erfolgt nach passwortgeschützter Anmeldung durch autorisierte Nutzer oder durch die Mitarbeiter der SUB über das im Repositorium integrierte Publikationsmodul bzw. durch Datenimport. Die Eingabe wird teilweise unterstützt durch die Bereitstellung der Metadaten aus der Forschungsdatenbank FACTScience der Universität Göttingen bzw. durch ein automatisiertes Hochladeverfahren mittels Eingabe eines Identifier (z. B. Digital Object Identifier (DOI) oder PubMed-Identifier). Für die Veröffentlichung notwendige zusätzliche Arbeiten wie die Aufbereitung der elektronischen Dokumente oder die Konvertierung in andere Formate werden von der SUB betreut oder durchgeführt. Ist hierfür ein bedeutender Mehraufwand erforderlich, wird dieser von der SUB den Autorinnen und Autoren in Rechnung gestellt. Metadaten und Volltexte, die im Zusammenhang mit Verlags- oder Allianzvereinbarungen von Verlagen bereitgestellt werden, werden für den Import nach GoeScholar durch die SUB aufbereitet und eingespielt.

Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen Elektronisches Publizieren Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1 +49 551 / 39-91188 (Tel.) oa@sub.uni-goettingen.de (E-Mail)
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