Submitting documents to GoeScholar can only be carried out by properly registered users and takes place in a multi-step submission process:

  1. Navigate to the Institution to which your publication is associated.
  2. Optional: Metadata Import (Nur dann möglich, wenn Ihr Dokument schon anderswo erschienen ist und über eine DOI, PubMedID verfügt, bzwe. im Bibliothekskatalog verzeichnet ist (d.h. eine PPN hat).
  3. Describe [the document]
  4. Upload
  5. Optional: CC-License
  6. [Deposit] License
  7. Completed

Bitte beachten Sie:

Die Korrektur der Beschreibungsdaten bzw. Austausch des Dokumentes ist nur während des Veröffentlichungsprozesses möglich. Ist der Prozess abgeschlossen, dürfen/können weder das Dokument noch die Daten verändert werden.

GoeScholar spielt kontinuierlich Daten und Volltexte von Göttinger Open-Access-Publikationen aus unterschiedlichen Verlagen (z. B. BioMed Central, Copernicus Publications, Public Library of Science, Universitätsverlag Göttingen) ein. Bevor Sie den Publikationsprozess starten, prüfen Sie bitte zuerst, ob Ihre Arbeit in GoeScholar schon vorhanden ist.

Im folgenden werden die einzelne Schritte des Veröffentlichungsprozesses detaillierter beschrieben.

Go to the "Institutions" in the main menü on the right and select your institution by browsing. Then use the function, “Publish here”.

In individual cases it may be difficult to clearly assign a document to a collection. If none of the shown collections appears appropriate please contact Sabine Witt (E-Mail) or make use of the GoeScholar Team’s GoeScholar Upload Service.

Publishing on GoeScholar is supported by an automated import of bibliographic data (metadata). The metadata import form has input fields for the following identifiers: DOI, PubMedIDand PPN (identifier of the GBV catalog). Enter, for example, the PubMedID of your publication and continue via the “Weiter” button. If possible, the publication data is automatically transferred to the Metadatenformular. If you have more than one identifier, please use the PubMedID due to the excellent quality of the publication data.

If no identifier is available or no data can be imported, just click the “Weiter” button.

If no data can be imported, please describe your document with the aid of the provided metadata fields. Different fields will be shown depending on your publication type. Required fields are marked with an asterisks (*). These must be filled in.

Your information will help improve how easily your publication is found online as well as its accessibility.

Clicking on “Browse” (i.e. Select) will open a new window in which you can select a file from the local file system. If you want to publish a document which consists of multiple files, enter the additional information to these files. Please use short and appropriate descriptions. These will be shown in the list of files in the document’s sidebar. Click on “Next” or “Save/Exit” to continue with or cancel publishing.

File formats

It is highly recommended to upload your document in PDF Format. Bitte laden Sie Ihr Dokument möglichst in PDF-Format hoch. Only for this format can we guarantee that your document will be usable in the long term.
You can also upload your document or supplementary material (such as tables, graphics, etc.) in any other format. These documents are also kept permanently, but there is no guarantee for the usability of the formats.



Checksums help ensure that your document is uploaded correctly and that the contents were not modified during the process. The checksum is created on the basis of the document’s contents. To verify the integrity of your document create the checksum on your local computer and compare it with the displayed checksum. If the two values are different then a transmission error occurred and the upload process needs to be repeated. If the two values correspond your document was transferred correctly and exactly.

4. CC-License

You can see the default Terms of Use for publications on GoeScholar here (User Rights).
If you want to publish your work under different conditions, you can choose a suitable Creative Commons License which will be shown on the publication page.

If you agree with the standard license for the usage of your document, just click on "Next" without selecting a license.

Publishing your work on GoeScholar requires your agreement to the following assignment of rights (Deposit Licence).

Please approve the terms of license in order to make your publication available on GoeScholar. Once you accept the license your publication will be made available according to the terms described in the license and archived in the system.

If you do not agree to the terms of license the document will remain in your personal workspace, “My GoeScholar”, but will not be publically available.

Your document is now archived with GoeScholar. A confirmation will be sent to you by email. Under “My GoeScholar/Submission” you can view the documents which remain in an “incomplete status” in the publication workflow.

All members of the Göttingen University community may make their documents available online on GoeScholar.

Documents made available on GoeScholar

  • are freely accessible worldwide via an international network of servers and search engines (e. g. Google Scholar), without additional license restrictions.

  • stehen rasch online zur Verfügung und lassen höhere Zitationsraten erwarten als Artikel in lizenz- und kostenpflichtigen Zeitschriften, ungeachtet des generellen Impact Faktors der Zeitschrift

  • are quickly made available online, leading to higher citation rates than articles in license restricted and pay-to-view journals, irrespective of the general impact factor of the journal
  • are reliably and permanently available on the internet by means of permanent addresses and long-term digital archives.
Documents made available over GoeScholar are permanently and reliably addressable and hence citable. To reference a document, you should list, in addition to the usual data (Author, Title, Source etc.) its “persistent identifier” or PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator) which you will receive per email at the end of the upload process. Please note that the page numbers of the document available on GoeScholar will not always match that of the original, publisher’s version!
Making a document available on GoeScholar is free.
To ensure the long term availability and archiving of documents, after you leave the university the document and its associated rights will remain at the Göttingen University. Over and beyond this you are also able to publish your document elsewhere (for example, at your new institution) since you only granted GoeScholar a non-exclusive right to publication.
The publication fund collects fees to subsidize the publication of articles in a fully open-access environment. Further details may be found on the SUB Göttingen-website under the menu item: „Open-Access-Publications Fund“.
Please log in in GoeScholar, navigate to your Institution and Follow the instructions under the menu item “Publish here” for a step-by-step guide to submitting your document.
The following publication types are currently supported:
  • Journal Article - Article previously published in a scientific journal
  • Anthology Article - Contribution to a previously published anthology
  • Anthology - Previously published anthology
  • Monograph - Previously published monograph
  • Book Part - Chapter of a book
  • Working Paper - Paper previously published in working series
  • Conference Paper - Contribution to a previously published conference volume
  • Conference Volume - previously published conference volume
  • Lecture - Lecture or Speech at an academic event
  • Review
  • Erratum
  • Preprint - Previously unpublished work of any kind

In some cases it may be difficult to clearly assign your document to one of these categories. Please contact Sabine Witt if none of the above collections appears to be suitable.

Please submit your documents if possible as platform independent PDF (Portable Document Format) files. You can also make your document available in additional formats. We can only guarantee the long-term use of a document in PDF format.
Your publication will be available online indefinitely.
To ensure their authenticity and their ability to be cited, your documents, once submitted, are never deleted or modified. If a correction is necessary and the document’s author can make a plausible case, the document can be changed and submitted anew. Withdrawing a document already submitted to GoeScholar is only possible in the case of legal problems with original publisher over the license or if the author makes use of his right under §§42 UrhG to withdraw the work on account of a change of conviction. A document’s withdrawal will be documented in the system. An information notice stating that this document has been withdrawn will be displayed at its permanent URL address. The metadata associated with the document will be deleted and thus no longer made available over the OAI-interface.
As a rule, a document will not be issued with a standardized ID number (DOI or URN). Your document will be assigned a persistent identifier or PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator) as soon as it is submitted to GoeScholar. This allows your document to be permanently accessible even if it is transferred to another system. If you wish, we can also issue (on a fee basis) a supplementary DOI (Digital Object Identifier). However, this is only useful if the document does not already have a DOI issued by its original publisher as is now the norm for academic journals.

Please note that we cannot offer legally binding advice! If in doubt, we recommend that you procure professional legal advice!

Generally speaking this is dependent on how wide ranging the rights are which you have granted to your publisher or which publication policies your publisher follows. SHERPA/RoMEO provides an overview of the rights publishers grant to their authors for publication on the internet. However, ultimately you are bound by the terms laid out in your individual contract with your publisher.

If you did not sign a publication contract you are allowed to republish contributions to anthologies and journals elsewhere.

If your publication appear before 31.12.1994 please consult the SUB Göttingen-website: Recht zur Online-Bereitstellung von älteren Publikationen.

Yes, you can continue to make your document available for download on other websites. To ensure the authenticity of your document and its ability to be cited, it is recommended that you link to the permanently archived version on the university’s GoeScholar server using its persistent identifier or PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator). In principal you are only granting the Göttingen University non-exclusive term of use for the document on GoeScholar and can continue to grant additional rights to other persons or institutions. Any additional rights granted to third parties have no effect on the rights already granted to the Göttingen University.

To process your document we require the exact bibliographic details as well as signed transfer of rights (terms of use license). Both items are integrated into the submission process on the GoeScholar website.
Under the terms of the license users are allowed to download documents from GoeScholar for personal use, to store the documents and print these in small quantities. With the addition of an open-access license you can also permit the reproduction and distribution of your document. However, you can only issue such a license if you have not already transferred exclusive rights to a third party such as a publisher. We recommend the use of a Creative Commons BY-ND (Attribution, No Derivative Works) license. For more information on licenses, see
Free access to online documents naturally also permits these to be saved on a local computer as well their reproduction and the re-use of their contents. However in general the same copyright protections apply to online publications as for printed publications. Any re-use of your document for purposes other than research is not permitted. This would represent a violation of copyright law and could be punished by a fine.
If you own the rights to publish your document electronically then, as a rule, there should be no problem with scanning an article published between 1966 to 1994 and making it available on an institutional repository. In individual cases it may happen that a publisher may obtain its own copyright on account of further editorial changes to the content (e. g. new tables, revised images or copy proofing; see KG Berlin 29.11.1996, Az. 5 U 317/96). The mere layout of the text by the publisher does not enjoy copyright protection. If in doubt you should contact the publisher or make use of your author’s version (i.e. the last version submitted to the publisher).
You should take care not to grant the publisher the exclusive right to make use of your publication online or to grant such rights in the future to as yet unnamed parties. You can ensure this in a number of ways, for example, by striking the relevant passages in the contract or by adding the necessary passage yourself. For more information on publisher agreements, see
Currently, no charges are levied on correspondence authors from the Göttingen University. All published submissions appear as open-access articles and are made available and permanently archived on GoeScholar.
GoeScholar is continuously expanding its use of external data sources in cooperation with other institutions and the university’s own publisher.
If you want to prepare your document for publication online (e. g. conversion to PDF, creating a table of contents, optimizing images etc.) you can make use of the facilities in the Learning Resources Centre (LRC 2nd. Floor, New SUB Göttingen building) and take advantage of services such as printing, scanning, or using text and imaging software. Staff from the LRC are available to assist you during normal office hours.


Sabine Witt Tel: +49 0551 39-5290 E-Mail: witt(at)


Marianna Mühlhölzer Tel: +49 0551 39-4255 E-Mail: mmuehlh(at)

The digitization facilities of the SUB Göttingen can provide the necessary technical infrastructure for this, either using the scanner in the Learning Resources Centre or via or digitization services. To place an order for a scanning job (circa 0,25c per page up to DIN A3) including text recognition (OCR) please contact the Göttingen Digitizationcenter (GDZ) (gdz(at) for a cost estimate.
The GoeScholar team can assist you if you need to submit a large number of document for publication. Please send us a link to your publication list so that we can download the PDF files directly. Please supplement the data in the publication list with the necessary subject titles (keywords) if these are not already embedded in the documents.
Alternatively, you can send us your PDF files directly, if necessary supplemented by a separate text file with subject titles. Please send your files, links or publication lists for publication on GoeScholar directly to Sabine Witt (E-Mail).
Please send us your question(s) via the “Feedback” menu item on our website. You will receive a prompt answer.